iPhone Looks Nice Carry More Memory on My Keyring

Apple recently had the grand unveiling with the new iPhone. The excitement that has been generated by these new releases is incredible, yet completely expected, I mean it truly is Apple we’re referring to. The company which has people queuing outside flagship stores a couple weeks before a launch of a new product. With every one of the buzz about, I obviously phoned my service agency and considered when I was due an upgrade, my delicious at the prospect of the shiny new iPhone. Hanging inside the phone content with my upgrade potential, and already Googling the most up-to-date cases for safeguarding my potential new phone, I came across a short article announcing the most important ever SD card thus far, a mammoth 512GB! Granted it is not a Micro SD card, however it is the start of something. If SanDisk decide to make SD cards which has a punch that powerful, furthermore it will be long till the smaller version than it will be making waves. There’s already a 128GB version knocking about. Apple are basically the only smartphone that will not have a MicroSD slot.

I havent heard of you, but this really makes my new phone buying choice a whole lot harder. As a current iPhone user, I’m aware about all the pro’s of iPhones, that they ‘just work’, the sleek design, clever gui, the programs that really work in harmony with my Macbook, iPad, Apple TV etc… I’m also fully conscious of the single most annoying thing about my iPhone, is it’s lousy excuse for memory a meager 16GB! This is OK for the 1st month approximately whilst you have your new phone to its full ability, but after a few years you get that dreaded notification (no not really that you’re ex is a relationship) “Insufficient memory, struggling to take photo”. You then finish up going through your photo library on the sort of frantic deletion massacre, only to find yourself missing the instant you wanted to capture. It’s a problem most of us encounter with Apple. They are stingy with all the stock memory of their devices. They have us in the palm of these hands, in order to get more memory, you need to pay for the bigger version on the phone, they often even to liberate bigger version two months after the initial release. Not helpful in any way.

So when I read how the iPhone 6 will have the greatest memory yet (128GB) I saw any light above in regards to sufficient storage while on an Apple product. 128GB is a great deal right? Well I thought that until I read in regards to the 512GB SD card. See that’s 4x the memory on the iPhone 6 with 128GB. With one of those involved with my SD card keyring, I will literally have 4 times the space from the iPhone 6, in the palm of my hand. The beauty of SD cards is they are removable and interchangeable, so that you can carry multiple ones over a keyring, one for the music, one for ones photos and one for ones movies.

This implies that if I can take out, and prevent the Apple fanboy hype in the latest gear in the earliest point, then there must be hope personally. It seems like Android can be quite a viable alternative for me personally. Having spent a while looking into it, and researching the most recent Android stash, and devices. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed. If you were to get a HTC, Nexus or LG or some other Android handset, that does not only has a wide open operating system, but they also have the versatility of getting MicroSD memory cards, this looks like you might start going for a whole new kind of mobile phone.