Ways that you can get the right OCD counseling therapist

Do you have OCD, or you know someone with OCD? Unfortunately, getting the right help may not be that easy. You cannot just go to any mental health professional to get good therapy. The reason being OCD happens to be a complex problem, and not any of the psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, or therapists would be able to handle it. The best way that you can deal with OCD is when the patient undergoes techniques like exposure and response prevention (ERP). This is typically part of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). It would also be suitable to take medication like Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs like Paxil and Prozac). However, you will realize that the drug will not have long term effects that will be offered by ERP. You will also get some side effects that sometimes will make you have a complicated time. Be sure that you get a trained therapist in CBT, and it will have to consider taking some legwork. Here is what you need to recommend.

You need to ensure that you consider a qualified OCD therapist. It is not easy to choose the best one of them; you will need to look around for the best specialist. We have mentioned that not any of the therapists will be able to work with ERP, and thus, you need to be very specific on the process that you will be considering. You can consider asking leaders of different support groups or members of local support groups for people who are specialized in CBT therapy. There are, of course, sites that you will visit, and they will offer a list of the service providers that would be suitable for you in the area.

It would also be suitable when you get referrals from your state, region, or state ask specifically for psychiatric associations or psychological experts. If you live close to a medical school that offers psychiatric treatment, you may consider getting a referral to some of the experts in CBT or OCD anxiety treatment. Though you need to be careful to avoid working with students, their aim would be impressing the supervisor and thus will offer services at a low cost. You need someone who is established and well experienced in providing the services with the utmost professionalism.

Be sure that you check the qualifications of the therapist. Whenever you locate a therapist through the channels, we have identified, before you agree to start the counseling session, with the particular clinician, you need to check the license of practice in the state. You need to also ask them to describe their qualification as well as the treatment approach they are going to be using. This can either be through calling them, writing an email, or vising them at their office. There is no need to be afraid to ask any of the questions or any explanation, remember you are the one who will benefit from the services that you are paying for.

Ask them what CBT actually involves. You will need to see if he will talk of an approach to help you face the feared situations and thoughts, which will include refraining from the rituals. Be sure that you also consider the clients who have undergone the same process of OCD and how this has been suitable for them; you can ask for their contacts so that you can reach them and determine this.

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