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Raising children is undoubtedly the most fulfilling job in the world yet it presents a myriad of challenges for many parents. Many parents feel least prepared at the advent of their firstborn. Here are some proven parenting tips worth borrowing a thing or two.

Work on boosting your kid’s self-esteem. Children develop a sense of self right from when they are born and begin to see themselves through their parent’s eyes. Work on the right tone of voice, behavior, and expressions as all these are absorbed by the child. Your words and actions as a parent play a critical role in how their self-esteem develops. When you praise your child’s accomplishments irrespective of how small they are, you make them feel proud.

Letting children do stuff on their own makes them stronger. On the other hand, belittling comments and negatively comparing your child with another can make them feel worthless. As a parent, you should avoid loaded statements and using words to punish children. Always choose the words you use carefully and work on being compassionate. Find a way of teaching kids that anyone can make mistakes and that you still love them even when their behavior might be disappointing at that time.

Be deliberate on complementing them more than criticizing them negatively. Find ways of catching your children doing things right. This will encourage them to keep good behavior. Every day make a point of finding something for which to praise your children and always be generous with your words. Your embrace and complements of your children can work wonders and for the kids, this is rewarding enough.

The other important parenting tip is to set limits and always be consistent with how you discipline them. Discipline is necessary for the correct raising of children. The main goal of discipline is to get children to choose acceptable behaviors and know how to exercise self-control. The children will at some point test the limits you have set for them but the same limits help them to be responsible as they grow up.

When you establish house rules you are helping your children to understand your expectations and self-control. These rules might include limiting their time on TV, avoidance name-calling, and hurtful teasing. Have some kind of system in place which may include a warning and then consequences will follow if the rules are broken the second time. Be consistent in enforcing the rules you have set to be more effective.

The other important parenting tip is to make time for the children. It is increasingly difficult for parents and children to spend time together even for meals. Work on getting a few minutes every day to have breakfast together and take walks together often. It has been proven that children who do not get the attention they deserve from their parents often misbehave as a way of attracting attention. It is rewarding to schedule time with friends and create a special night say every week where the kids decide how they want it to be spent and be creative in finding ways to connect with the children.

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