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When it come to the cleaning of the air duct and you require there cleaning services there are some steps to follow. Visiting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first is what one is advised after that one goes to the National Air Duct Association (NADCA) where one meets a professional technician. The industry of Duct cleaning is pretty new. There are some industries promising benefits of duct cleaning to their customers, customers should be aware of this. Due to this such EPA cannot allow such claims. It is not a recommendation that the service providers should advise the consumers to be getting routine procedure for the air duct cleaning. There should be no guarantee that the quality of the air will be improved.

Having experience with the specific HVAC system is a must for the service providers. They are required to be having a special type of license for their jobs in case it becomes necessary for the state. The licenses are also required to comply with the standards of NADCA. Looking for references to get other customers of the company an to inquire from them is important if you have to. It is a very important recommendation by the EPA that you check on the complaints with the Better Business Bureau of your locality. Comparing between companies when doing your search on the best air duct cleaning service providers is important. It is also advisable that you get a written agreement stating the services and the cost from the companies.

The reliable providers of the service should be able to offer the following. When the service providers open the access doors, these allow proper cleaning and inspection of the whole system. They should ensure that there is no material of asbestos in the heating or cooling system before the work even begins. If in any case, the vacuum exhausts inside the house then it is advisable that they use equipment that is high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming ability. When the work is proceeding it is necessary to ensure that the furnishing and the carpet are protected. To protect the access holes, then it is advisable that the access holes be sealed and re-sealed.

To add to this, if you want your air duct to be spotlessly clean then it is advised that you use a soft brush together with a vacuum to achieve this. While cleaning the Fiber glasses duct and the metal sheets, it is advisable that you use a soft-bristled brush for this. There are also the use of chemicals by some companies. Explaining the effects of the chemicals before their use is very necessary. For the sake of your health it is advisable that you do a research on the effects of the chemicals used.

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